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Paint flicks and Nike ticks

Friday was meant to be a day off, but I woke up early (urgh) and got on my shiz.
First stop was the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms to chiggidy-check
José Parlás, "ADAPTION/TRANSLATION". I'm rarely captivated, but his work does a lot for me visually, it's just incredible. From his choice of media to his unique writing style (one of the gallery owners informed me that she had to send Parlá to an osteopath twice from a worn out painting arm.

Then kicked it at iD with Q for my 3 o'clock. I didn't go for anything wild because I wouldn't put them on.
Spent an hour faffin abbahht, committed plagarism, printed my shit and then got on to my next location, the British Museum...which was so dry I'm not even gonna talk about it or put a picture up.

I've noticed the price of Sour Skittles around Lundun is SOARING! As high as 60 British pence! I think I'm finally being affected by the credit crunch :(
José Parlá
José Parlá @ Honeyee