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Relax and Take Note

CSM is longing me with these deadout one week projects. I'm already kinda slacking because I'm lazy, but whatever.

Spent half of Thursday lying on my back.
My neck hurts and I might have a flat head now.

Enter Mr Shane, and he came with Rosie.

Claire and I rode her. She's a keeper.

Caught up with Mikey-Michael. Got edumacated on this and that.

It was something free. Otherwise we wouldn't have stopped.

Just to play with BlackBerry's GPS navigation system we rode/walked to NikeTown for Lunar Racers (yes, Lunar Racers).
It only gives the motorists route, no option for walkers which is a tad crap.
We thought a higher power didn't want Shane to have those shoes..
The building got evacuated when an electrical fire broke out in neighbouring Topshop (straighteners?)

It got cleaned up quick quick (as quick as London's emergency services can go..) and he picked his shit up while I bike-sat.

Said yo to the iD fambly as I awaited the re-opening of Oxford Circus station and then bounced for food and warmth.
Might cop 2 wheels and a frame sometime next yurrrrr.