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NO meat?

Yesterday was almost a 23hr day.
A bit of model making at cee ess emm (it's a chair)...I got skills ya know!
Followed by a late lunch in Soho with Grace, Shane and surprise guest Irene @ (veggie spot :O) Mildreds.
A lil catch up and long overdue chill time. Expect actual big tings from Grace. Believe.
The meatless burrito got wolfed before I even thought about a picture of it.

DPMHI for some pick ups/drop offs/chit chat. Gracias for the bag!
Givin me the finger..nice!

Then to Cha Cha Moon for more eats and met up with knit master Patricia + friends.
From central to home (with major delays) and back out again for a 16th to snap snap snap.
Pretty boy.
^^^The birthday girl didn't even want to get snapped, cos she looked rough...

Can you believe her daddy don't know? (Christine Uhuruogu's sis)
I know her brother, was always clowning back in school, runnin home to catch letters and phone I know daddy wouldn't like this biz.
I'm going for a nap then climbing into my pile of work.