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Liquid. Wet n Nasty.

If you didn't know, I'm occasionally at Liquid/Envy snapping the local gangsters and their baby mamas. It's interesting.............................

Friday night, it was just..*lost for words, shaking head*
There was a couple hot tubs up on a stage filled with babes sub-standard goods and it didn't occur to me (until I was informed) that these chicks weren't hired dancers, they'd been plucked from the crowd..
The guy managing the tubs made no effort to hide the fact he was putting prime cuts in one barrel and the bacon fat in the other! I still wouldn't have had a bag of either.
Funnily enough I ended up at the same bus stop as some coked up teens who got their chance in the tubs. One had his grandads two and a half G's (suuree mate) inherited ring jacked, one got kicked out and punched cos of a boner and the other had been dumped by wifey for hopping in.
LOL Shame.

If I was anywhere else in the world (Miami, Puerto Rico or Sweden for instance) I would've enjoyed this. Alas. I wasn't.